Stranger Things: The Game Being Published By Netflix, Watch The Trailer Here

by Imran Khan on Oct 04, 2017 at 02:00 AM

Ahead of the October 27 release of Stranger Things season 2, Netflix is publishing Stranger Things: The Game, a mobile retro title designed to invoke Zelda with the characters of Stranger Things.

If you haven't seen season 1 of Stranger Things, first of all, you should really get on that. Second of all, you won't understand how the game misses the correct era by a generation or two, but the SNES-style graphics make the world of Stranger Things come alive a bit better than a more period-appropriate graphics style might.

Different characters from the games have different abilities, with the wrist rocket making an obvious appearance. Explore Hawkins and the Upside Down and solve the various puzzles of Stranger Things.

The game releases today on both iOS and Google Play Store and is completely free-to-play with no extra purchases. Check out the trailer below and take it for a spin later today.