Blizzard Announces Halloween Terror 2017 For Overwatch

by Imran Khan on Oct 03, 2017 at 01:32 PM

It's October, which means the spookiness is back in full force, including in Overwatch's seasonal events. That means that last year's Halloween Terror is coming back for 2017.

Posted on Twitter today, Blizzard released a video showing new costumes for McCree and Reaper, along with a cryptic poem.

The nights grow cold
And monsters appear
A great evil gathers
And Halloween draws near...

You can check out the tweet and the accompanying video here. Last year's event included a horde mode for a few heroes - considering other events with returning modes got upgrades, hopefully the horde mode does, as well. The returning summer event also let players buy last year's costumes, so if you missed out on any last year, now is probably the chance to get them cheaper.