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Some Welcome Changes Coming To PlayStation VR Hardware

by Imran Khan on Oct 02, 2017 at 12:41 PM

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Sony announced today that several changes are coming to PlayStation VR hardware which makes the headset a more attractive prospect with a couple of convenient new changes.

The new PlayStation VR features a different Processor Unit, the little box that connects the PlayStation 4, PSVR, and your TV. The different processor unit is slightly redesigned to be streamlined and finally allows HDR through the HDMI pass through. In simpler terms, this means owners who use HDR on their TVs can now leave the PSVR hooked up without sacrificing HDR in games like Horizon or Final Fantasy XV.

The other big change is an integration of headphones directly into the headset, versus the separate ones that came with the original. This makes the PSVR more of a single unit rather than separate parts.

Sony has said that the new processor unit is not compatible with older headsets, so just buying one off eBay won't work. The new models are launching in Japan on October 14 with no set date in America, but Sony has confirmed it is on the way.