Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Producer Hints At December Surprise

by George Ash on Sep 29, 2017 at 03:31 PM

Mega Man fans, forget the many awesome releases coming this October and November. Those no longer matter, as Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya hints something will be coming in December for Mega Man’s 30th anniversary.

"I want to say that Capcom has not forgotten about Rockman,” Tsuchiya says at a Tokyo Game Show panel. “This here [Mega Man 30th Anniversary Logo] is being put to good use. Rockman's 30th anniversary is coming in December – December, please remember that date!”

Rockman, known outside of Japan as Mega Man, originally appeared as the title character of Mega Man, released December 17, 1987. Perhaps that’s the exact date in December Tsuchiya is referring to.

What do you think Capcom has up their sleeve for December, reader? Let me know your wildest dreams and your realistic expectations in the comments below.

[Source: Rockman-Corner]


Our Take
I’m not a huge Mega Man fan, so I’ll stay excited for the next few months of releases. But I am legitimately interested in hearing what true fans of the series think Capcom will give us in December.