Skyrim Special Edition Getting New Survival Mode

by Brian Shea on Sep 27, 2017 at 12:29 PM

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim released in 2011, but Bethesda reignited players' love for the game and reached a new generation through Skyrim Special Edition last year. In addition to a new coat of paint and all of the DLC, Skyrim Special Edition also included support for mods. Now, Bethesda is taking that a step further with the release of Survival mode.

Survival modes have gained prominence in the industry lately, and now one of the most beloved games of all time is adding new layers of difficulty by implementing more realistic parameters through this mode. Survival mode adds new challenges like hunger, fatigue, and cold, so players need to think about new elements when staying alive throughout their journey. Hunger can be staved off by eating (though consuming raw meat can give your character food poisoning), fatigue can be fended off by sleeping, and if you bundle up in warm clothes or armor, you're able to brave colder areas. If you're a vampire or werewolf, you can restore hunger by feeding on your victims. Vampires and werewolves also get cold much slower.

In addition, fast travel and automatic health regeneration are disabled, while you need to sleep in a bed to level up and your characters' carrying capacity is reduced. New diseases and afflictions will also appear throughout Skyrim, and shrines will require a gold offering in order to cure diseases.

Survival mode is available now on Steam through opting in to beta testing. Next week, the mode will launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will be available for free for one week for all players. Bethesda hasn't specified how much it will cost after that first week.

[Source: Bethesda]