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Avalanche Hiring For A Project That Is Seemingly Crossing Over With Next-Generation

by Imran Khan on Sep 25, 2017 at 12:26 PM

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Avalanche studios, the developers behind Just Cause and most recently Mad Max, have put up a job listing that implies next-generation hardware is within the visible horizon.

The job listing, which can be found here, is for a Senior Multiplayer Programmer in Stockholm for a team working on a sandbox/open world multiplayer engine. The more interesting part of the listing is this:

"Avalanche Studios is developing for both current and next gen platforms."

This could be open to interpretation, but the most prominently discussed implication is that Avalanche are referring to the successors to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One rather than any wider interpretations like including the Switch, another PS4 iteration, or some other support for older engines. 

Avalanche is not the first studio to hint about future hardware from the major third parties, but they are definitely the first to talk about it so openly. Let us know in the comments what you think - is it too early to start thinking about next-generation software? How do you think the transition will be handled?