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Unseen64 Reveals The History Of The Lost Pilotwings Game

by Suriel Vazquez on Sep 23, 2017 at 06:00 PM

Pilotwings was never Nintendo's biggest franchise. Though it had its fans during the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 days, there was a 15-year gap between the 1996 64 entry and the 3DS entry, the latter of which didn't exactly light the world on fire.

Between those two games, however, exists a secret history of Pilotwing games, none of which came to fruition. Unseen64, partnering with Youtube channel Did You Know Gaming, lays out the history of Pilotwing projects that never made the light of day. Entries for the series were planned for both the Gamecube and Wii. The game would have been developed by Factor 5 (who made the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series) and taken place in the real world. The project was revisited for the Wii with a lighter tone. Both times, however, outside issues grounded the development of the game. You can watch the full history of the incomplete games below.