Super Mario Run Is Getting A New World, Character, And More Next Week

by Suriel Vazquez on Sep 23, 2017 at 04:00 PM

Super Mario Run might not be the best Mario game by a longshot, but its certainly one of the most popular entries, having been downloaded millions of times by phone users. We haven't heard much about the game after its release, but next week the game will receive a major update.

The update adds several new features. Thew new World Star has nine new levels exploring new tricks. Remix 10 has players trek through 10 "bite-sized sections" of the game's current levels with new bonus medals, which acts as a repeatable challenge which can net you new decoration items. If players make it through Remix 10 and rescue Princess Daisy, she becomes a playable character. Finally, when the update drops, you'll be able to play your own music in the background. The character you play as will wear their headphones when you do this.

The update launches September 29, during which the in-app ten-dollar purchase of the full game will be discounted to five dollars.

[Source: Super Mario App Store page via NintendoEverything]


Our Take
I played about two hours of the trial levels of Super Mario Run, collecting all the coins in the first world. I fully expected to never think about it again, but the new content and discount price have me thinking about finishing the rest of the game. Hm...