Minecraft's Better Together Update Available Now On Most Devices, With Switch Coming Later

by Imran Khan on Sep 20, 2017 at 02:46 PM

Microsoft and Mojang have been hard at work on Minecraft's enormously huge "Better Together" update which, among other things, allows crossplay for Minecraft across multiple devices. The update dropped today for Xbox One, Windows 10, Mobile, and VR, with the Switch version coming soon.

The new update also offers the ability to share invite links to Realms, areas that live without anyone being there, HUD opacity, and way more. Check out the full list and news post here.

Owners of a disc version of the game on Xbox One will need to insert the disc and let the servers authorize it. If you have ever purchased DLC for the game, or played it for five hours in the last twelve months, the new updated version of the game should be free to download. Microsoft cautions that this request is being done manually, however, so it requires some degree of wait time.

Switch owners will also have to wait a little while, as the update simply isn't ready for the system. The currently listed systems all ran betas for the update, while the Switch version had not, delaying its inclusion. According to Mojang, the Switch version should arrive by this winter.

As of writing, the update will not be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Vita versions of the game due to Sony's decision to not allow crossplay between the PlayStation family of systems and other consoles. Microsoft has said that they are in ongoing talks with Sony on the issue, however.