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The Internet Is Going Nuts For Shirtless Mario

by Imran Khan on Sep 14, 2017 at 05:21 PM

There was a Nintendo Direct yesterday that included footage of Super Mario Odyssey, which you can find a write-up for right here. It also included a brief snippet of Mario in swimming trunks on the beach. For a guy who went on vacation to a tropical island before and, at his most casual, wore a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses, it was kind of shocking to see Mario shirtless.

It was perhaps more shocking to see that the happy-go-lucky cartoon character has nipples.

First, there were the lore theorists at work.

There was some deep lore to wade through.

But beyond that, people were also questioning the lack of internal consistency at Nintendo.

And then there were the people for whom nightmares appear whenever they close their eyes and they had to inflict this on the rest of us.

Ryu and Mario have already fought each other in Smash Bros., but now a new fight has begun: Hot Ryu vs. Shirtless Mario? Hopefully we will get an answer to this sooner rather than later.

Super Mario Odyssey is releasing for the Nintendo Switch on October 27.