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Kelp Dome Returns In Splatoon 2, Along With New Stage And New Umbrella-Style Weapon

by Elise Favis on Sep 13, 2017 at 05:21 PM

Splatoon 2 continues to grow and evolve, despite the game's release being more than a month ago. Today, Nintendo revealed that a fan-favorite stage from the original Splatoon, Kelp Dome, is making its return in the sequel. An all-new stage called Snapper Canal is also on its away, along with the weapon Tenta Brella.

Kelp Dome is coming with some improvements and twists to the original, including added grates to fall through and expanded turf areas. Snapper Canal has a river running through the middle, and players must try to get to that central area before they can push through to the opponent's side. Kelp Dome will be available as soon as this Friday, September 15.

Finally, the new weapon Tenta Brella looks like a camping tent and can expand to guard an area around you for a certain amount of time. 

For more, read about Splatoon 2's most recent update (1.3.0) which brought a slew of changes to Salmon Run, Splatfest, and more. Nintendo promises more new stages and updates, including a comic-book world and a toybox world at a later date.