First Team Finishes Destiny 2's First Raid

by Imran Khan on Sep 13, 2017 at 06:26 PM

Bungie has announced that a team has already finished Destiny 2's first Raid hours after its launch, far faster than most fans expected.

On its official twitter, Bungie revealed that the first Fireteam has made it through Leviathan and Shaxx is not far behind. The Legend Himself, a Destiny clan on PlayStation 4, claims the distinction of being the first Destiny 2 team to complete the Raid.

The first Raid in Destiny, Vault of Glass, baffled fans of the game in September 2014. The lack of matchmaking meant only groups could go in together, a result of coordination and cooperation being so important to the Raid. A lot of time has passed and people have gotten better, so the faster speed in Destiny 2 can't really be read into, but it does sound like Bungie has learned a lot of lessons about Raids over the past three years.

[Source: Official Bungie Twitter]