UPDATE: Destiny 2 Texture That Bears Resemblance To Hate Symbol Is Being Removed

by Imran Khan on Sep 12, 2017 at 06:40 PM

UPDATE: Changes have been made to this story since its original posting to more clearly reflect the story without supposition of motivation. Bungie reacted to this information quickly and we do not want to imply anything otherwise. The initial post made comments that were unnecessarily inflammatory to Bungie and to some readers and has since been corrected.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Road Complex AA1 gauntlets, a legendary item in Destiny 2, was discovered to bear a slightly tweaked logo that bears a resemblance to a hate symbol. Bungie has been made aware of the issue and is moving to get it removed.

The logo, which looks disturbingly like the hate symbol for "Kekistan," was discovered this morning by Waypoint, who then reached out to Activision and Bungie about the issue. Unless Bungie comes out and explains how it got into the game, it is unlikely the public will ever know.

The "Kekistan" flag resembles the Nazi third reich flag and emerged from online image boards. Popular white supremacists have used the logo during marches, which muddies the original intent as an admittedly off-color joke.

Bungie has explained that it was not intentional and they renounce hate.

[Source: Waypoint]


Our Take
Bungie has said in their Twitter statement on the subject that the texture was not intentional, but hopefully this makes developers and publishers more conscious of checking these things over.