Bungie's Luke Smith Addresses Destiny 2 Shader Complaints

by Brian Shea on Sep 07, 2017 at 02:43 PM

The launch of Destiny 2 so far seems to be well-received by the community. However, fans are largely displeased with the new shader system. Previously in the first Destiny, shaders were unlimited use; once you collected a shader, you could use it as many times as you'd like across all of your characters. However, with Destiny 2, Bungie has made the shaders consumable, meaning that you must continually re-earn (or purchase with real money) shaders that you like if you wish to use it on a new piece of armor or for another character.

Bungie's Luke Smith, director of Destiny 2, took to Twitter to defend the new system.

Head here to see a video about Destiny 2's microtransactions and stay tuned for our review as we get closer to our final verdict on Bungie's enormous shooter.

[Source: Luke Smith on Twitter]


Our Take
The original system for shaders worked quite well, so it's unfortunate to see Destiny 2 try and "fix" something that wasn't broken in favor of a system that, quite frankly, seems to push players toward microtransactions. Destiny is a series all about collecting the newest loot and equipping the latest and greatest to your character, so the decision to have the shaders as consumables means you'll likely be pursuing your favorite shader multiple times if you want to carry it forward to new armor without spending real money to buy it. While that gives players incentive to continue playing Destiny 2 after they've seen all of the content, taking away content and capabilities from the last game isn't a great way to go about it.