Stardew Valley Publisher Teases Upcoming 'Stardew Valley Meets Harry Potter' Game

by Suriel Vazquez on Sep 01, 2017 at 09:53 PM

Chucklefish Games is slowly building a catalog of hit titles. After releasing Starbound, the publisher found huge success with Stardew Valley, it's already on track to have another potential hit in Wargroove. But the publisher isn't stopping there, as it's already teasing its next game, which looks like take Stardew Valley's simulation experience in a new direction.

Chucklefish CEO Finn ‘Tiy’ Brice has tweeted out an image of the upcoming game, which he told PC Gamer would be "an RPG/Sim set in a magic school, something like Stardew Valley meets Harry Potter."

Last year, Brice posted a video of the game in action during a much earlier prototyping phase as a demonstration of an art style the team was experimenting with.


Our Take
Getting to run around a town populated by magic-positive townsfolk sounds really neat. But how valuable will blueberries be this time around?