No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again Is Suda 51's Next Game

by Suriel Vazquez on Aug 30, 2017 at 12:26 PM

Last year, Grasshopper Manufacture head honcho Goichi Suda revealed he was back in the director's chair for the first time in 10 years and working on a game featuring Travis Touchdown. During today's Nintendo "Nindies" showcase, we finally got our first glimpse of the project, called No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again.

The trailer begins with a man in a mask driving a car down a dark, desolate road. As he steps out, Suda's penchant for strange character designs shows, as the man is wearing a belt full of beer cans. The trailer has a slightly different art style than previous No More Heroes games, as characters and environments are more cluttered, and thick black outlines and shadows dominate every shot. As the man steps into a trailer in search of his target, you can hear the distinct sounds of indie artist M.O.O.N.'s "Hydrogen" playing. After the main playing Hotline Miami is slain, Travis Touchdown then steps in to confront his assailant, The Bad, who's chasing after Travis to avenge the death of his daughter, Bad Girl (who Travis killed in the first No More Heroes).

After the trailer, Nintendo announced a few additional details: Travis Strikes Again takes place seven years after the end of No More Heroes 2 and includes collaborations with several major indie studios, including Hotline Miami developer Dennaton Games. The reason for this is that the game involves Travis and Bad Man being pierced by a game console called the Death Drive Mk. 2, which forces them beat six distinct games in order to survive.

The game will be headed to Switch in 2018, which marks the tenth anniversary of the series.