Here Is A Rundown Of Today's Nindies Showcase

by Imran Khan on Aug 30, 2017 at 12:30 PM

Nintendo aired its Nindies Showcase, a presentation focused on indie games coming to Nintendo consoles, and we've summarized every announcement from today's show. 

Super Meat Boy Forever – The long in-development, sort-of Super Meat Boy sequel lead off Nintendo's Nindie direct showcasing a new motivation for Meat Boy to take on Dr. Fetus again: the kidnapping of his and Bandage Girl's child, Nugget. Meat Boy can now punch while doing his familiar platforming, allowing him to defeat enemies and even get a little distance on his jumps. The levels will also get harder each time you replay them. Forever isn't a Switch-exclusive, but will be coming to the platform in 2018.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards – The final campaign in the Shovel Knight saga puts players in the armor of King Knight. The campaign will boast four new worlds, 30 new courses, new weapons, new abilities, and a dedicated card-game. Shovel Knight: King of Cards releases in early 2018.

Mom Hid My Game – Known previously as Hidden my game by mom - escape room, an iOS and Android game, the bizarre point-and-click puzzle game is coming to Switch and 3DS with exclusive stages. The game will be available late 2017.

Golf Story – The increasingly rare, truly exclusive game, Golf Story is an RPG where players play golf. Its presence during the Nindies Direct showcased general gameplay as well as disc golf and drone flying. The game will be available September exclusively on Switch.

Floor Kids – Noogie. Scribbles. O-live. These are all breakdancing styles featured in Floor Kids, a rhythm/battle game that features an original soundtrack by Kid Koala. Floor Kids features freestyle dance controls, and a variety of characters with their own break moves. You'll be able to tear it up first on Switch this holiday.

Wulver Blade – Drawing inspiration from classic games Golden Axe, Sengoku, and Knights of the Round, Wulverblade is a side-scrolling brawler that supposedly offers a "historically accurate storyline." Played solo or cooperatively with a friend via local, you are tasked with helping Britannia defeat the Romans. Wulverblade will be released first on Switch this September.

Poly bridge – Another "console exclusive" for Switch, Poly Bridge is a port of the popular puzzle/engineering game for PC, in which players are tasked with building bridges that can support the weight of vehicles crossing it. Featuring over 100 campaign levels and a sandbox mode, Poly Bridge should find a nice home on Switch this holiday.

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition – A console port of the critically acclaimed PC narrative adventure, with the first of five acts released in 2013. The TV edition comes to the Switch with the first four acts included alongside the final fifth one in 2018.

Earth Atlantis – A 2D shooter that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that is covered entirely by water. With multiple ships and weapons, the player takes controls to fight mutants and sea monsters. Coming Fall 2017.

Next Up Hero – From some of the people behind Scribblenauts comes an action game where you assemble an army from your past lives. When you die, you make a corpse run and recruit your former self to join you in battle. The game also features co-op with both joycons. Coming Early 2018.

Steamworld Dig 2 – In this sequel to Steam World Dig, the player takes the role of a female robot searching for the first game's protagonist. The game boasts new graphics, areas, and enemies, and will world premiere on the Switch on September 21.

Mulaka – Lienzo's upcoming action-adventure game Mulaka is based on Tarahumaran culture and set in northwest Mexico. It features a hero who can transform into a variety of animals, including birds and bears, as he battles massive enemies. The Switch version is coming in early 2018, and it includes exclusive features and functionality

Yono and the Celestial Elephants – People have made comparisons between Yono and the Celestial Elephants and Zelda, thanks to its dungeon design and focus on exploration. Yono's titular elephant is an adorable hero for this journey, and he can spray water from his trunk. It's a console exclusive coming October 12.

Dragon: Marked for Death – There's been online chatter about Inti Creates' upcoming game for more than five years now, when it was apparently in development for 3DS. Now this pixelated side-scroller is coming to exclusively to the Switch in Winter 2017.

Battle Chef Brigade – This hybrid cooking game/side-scrolling adventure is a strange recipe. It only makes sense that Trinket Studios' game is being published by Adult Swim Games. It's coming first to Switch this holiday season.

Morphies Law – A four-versus-four multiplayer shooter where everyone plays as a Day of the Dead-style skeleton and each shot changes the size of your character. Do well and you'll grow in size, making you easier to hit. Lose often and you'll much smaller and harder to hit. As teams shoot each other, they build up massive avatars representing their team's strength. The team with the largest avatar at the end of the match wins. The game is expected to hit this Winter.

Sausage Sports Club – A multiplayer party game where everyone plays a variety of physics-based party games on a fictional reality TV show as a sausage. You can flop around as various Sausage-shaped animals on a number of arenas in Fall 2017.

Light Fingers – An adventure game for up to four players, Light Fingers features an ever-evolving "clockwork board" that's procedurally generated and offers a tabletop experience you can take with you. The game is expected to hit early 2018.

Nine Parchments – A four-player dungeon crawler in the style of Gauntlet but with more involved spellcasting. As you level up you unlock more characters, stronger magic to wield, and more. Coming holiday 2017.

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again – Freshly announced by Nintendo and Suda 51, Travis Touchdown is returning in another No More Heroes game. The CG trailer showed the father of Bad Girl, the psychopathic princess from the first game, trying to take revenge on Travis for killing his daughter. The trailer also points out that the game is directed by Suda, which is the first game with him in the director's seat since the first No More Heroes. No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again is running on Unreal Engine 4 and and expected in 2018.

So what interested you during the showcase? Were there any indie games you're definitely going to buy or are watching more closely now? Let us know in the comments!