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This Battlegrounds Player Fakes Being Part Of Another Team And Then Kills Them All

by Imran Khan on Aug 28, 2017 at 06:25 PM

In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, some people do their best to push the boundaries of what the game allows them to do. The game only allows squads of four, so to get around that, players queue up at the same time, then communicate internally to figure out how to meet up and work together.

In this case, an infamous Chinese team does it by all wearing red shirts.

You might be thinking, that plan has a lot of flaws, what if someone else has a red shirt? That is exactly what happens with this Korean player whose entire team had been wiped out comes across the Red Shirts. Thinking quickly, the narrating player finds a nearby red shirt and jumps into a car with the roaming band of death before anyone questions it. Every time suspicion is cast on him, he simply jumps into a car and everyone just moves on with it. It is like every episode of Burn Notice.

Eventually, the heroic fraud decides it's time to part ways and kills all the Red Shirts at once. It is what past generations must have dreamed online gaming would be like.