gamescom 2017

Battlefield 1 Getting 5v5 Competitive Mode Called Incursions

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 21, 2017 at 12:42 PM

Electronic Arts spent a good deal of time talking about the success and future of Battlefield 1. Along with a live playthrough of the new Lupkow Pass map from the forthcoming In the Name of the Tsar expansion pack, EA revealed the game's first competitive mode called Incursion. 

Battlefield 1 is known for its epic 64-player matches, but Incursion scales down to just 5v5. Vehicles are still a part of the mix, as are classes, but the battles are shorter and more intimate. Electronic Arts said it has been testing this mode for a while, and players will be able to get their hands on it in a closed alpha in September.

Players in the alpha can choose from eight different kits: Trench Surgeon, Control Leader, AT Assault, Battle Mechanic, Shock Assault, Proximity Recon, Raid Leader, and Motor Support. Ranking up brings rewards like improved weapons and abilities. The alpha will take place on a modified version of the Giant Shadow map.