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reader discussion

Reader Discussion: Which Game Have You Purchased The Most?

by Imran Khan on Aug 19, 2017 at 09:42 PM

To a lot of people, games are about collection. Owning every game of a series, owning all the games you like from a specific developer, buying a game on Steam that you already own on consoles. Sometimes it starts to get a little weird, where you end up owning multiple copies of the same game, and start seeing the same title repeated on your shelf multiple times.

The very first time I played Metal Gear Solid 3, I rented it from Blockbuster. I enjoyed Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty quite a bit, but at the time, I was feeling like I could get by just renting the sequel because it was not a direct story continuation of MGS2. I ended up playing it all night, watching the ending near the crack of dawn, falling in love with it, and then immediately buying a copy from Gamestop. Then I ended up buying a copy of Subsistence, then a copy for Vita, then a copy on PlayStation 3 and another on Xbox 360. Just recently, while packing up my games for a move, I was reminded I own Metal Gear Solid 3 on 3DS, which I had forgotten all about.

At some point, I had established a pretty complete collection of the game, for reasons I cannot properly articulate why.

The question, then, is what game do you have that soft spot for? Or that, by a matter of coincidence, you have ended up with multiple copies of the same thing or different versions? Let us know in the comments below!