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Fantasy Flight Announces New Miniatures Game, Star Wars: Legion

by Kimberley Wallace on Aug 18, 2017 at 02:36 PM

This weekend at GenCon 50, Fantasy Flight Games announced its newest iteration into the board game world, Star Wars: Legion. Unlike their previous games, like X-Wing and Imperial Armada, Legion is taking aim at juggernauts of the miniature world like Warhammer and Warmachine.

Legion's Core Set, which retails at $89.99, contains 33 miniatures, and unlike your favorite X-Wing ships, they are unpainted and primed to take on your preferred colors. As a ground-based miniatures game, Legion will immediately appear familiar to genre diehards, but Fantasy Flight is aiming to keep the game a little less esoteric. Using jointed movement tools, squads move about in cohesion with their unit leader, so it's not necessary to measure and move every single figure individually. As long as your squad leader's in the right place, you can place foot soldiers in nearby terrain for cover.

Not all units are created equal, either, as your squads of Stormtroopers might be heralded by Darth Vader or an AT-RT, or your Rebel Troopers supplemented by Luke Skywalker and a squad of speeder bikes. Similar to X-Wing, each unit can take some number of upgrade cards so your customized army is capable of the strategies you want to pursue. Combat uses customized dice - like Fantasy Flight's other Star Wars games - to determine just how much damage your blaster rifles or grenades will deal.  Fantasy Flight's Star Wars Legion Minisite goes into more detail about the combat mechanics.

It will be interesting to see Fantasy Flight enter this space, especially considering how coveted it is by competitors like Games Workshop. Fans at GenCon 50 can stop by the Fantasy Flight booth to check out this game, or they'll see it at their local game store starting in early 2018.