Mike Bithell Games Announces New Single-Session Game, Out Now

by Jeff Cork on Aug 17, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Mike Bithell Games, the indie studio behind the highly regarded games Thomas was Alone and Volume, has announced a new game. Subsurface Circular is the first of what he's calling "Bithell Shorts," which are short games designed to be completed in a single session. If that idea sounds intriguing, here comes another interesting part: It's out now on Steam.

Subsurface Circular is a mystery set on a train, which is populated with a variety of robots. You have to solve that mystery by talking to the various passengers. Because of its length and dependence on surprise, we won't say much else. 

It's priced at $5.99, and is launching with a 20-percent discount, too. If you're interested in narrative-based games and have enjoyed Mike Bithell's previous works, this is as close to an impulse purchase as you can get.


Our Take
People like to compare game prices to movie tickets, but this is a rare example of a new release that's actually cheaper than seeing a first-run flick – and that's without having to bring the price of popcorn into the equation. Not too shabby!