Six Sinister Villains We Want To See In Spider-Man PS4

by Craig Taylor on Aug 16, 2017 at 03:30 PM

Insomniac’s Spider-Man is one of the most promising video game adaptations the character has ever had. Rather than emulating a film or comic-book storyline, the upcoming PS4 game will tell an original story that tweaks established characters in unique ways. Fans accustomed to over-the-top action can expect a grounded, personal story that puts as much emphasis on the man as the spider.

Given the unique world this game takes place in, one of the biggest questions on fans' minds remains what members of Spider-Man's iconic rogues gallery players can expect to see. Classics like Green Goblin, Venom, and Rhino are to be expected, but considering the lesser-known Mr. Negative starred in the latest trailer, we wondered what other underutilized foes Spider-Man could encounter. That's why we're picking which unpopular evildoers we think would best fit Insomniac's all-new, all-different Spiderverse.

Kraven the Hunter
One of Spider-Man’s early villains, Kraven the Hunter is grossly underrepresented for the impact he and his lineage have had on Peter’s life. Lacking true superpowers, Kraven’s traps and raw fighting ability would make him a great adversary early in the game.

His shtick of being a Russian arms dealer interested in hunting the most dangerous game could be reworked. Something like his Ultimate Universe incarnation, where he hunts dangerous game as a reality TV star, could serve as a compelling arc.

The Chameleon
As Spider-Man’s first villain, the Chameleon has more experience fighting the wall crawler than anyone. Traditionally, he lacks any real superpowers, and makes masks that mimic the faces of others. He could serve as another early villain who terrorizes Spider-Man in an unconventional way.

Following his half-brother Kraven, the Chameleon could wreak havoc on Peter Parker’s personal life by discovering Peter’s identity and posing as those who are close to him. His ability to steal any identity could make the player doubt all the relationships they’ve made so far. In Insomniac's game, it’s unclear if friendships will be a tangible mechanic like in Grand Theft Auto, but assuming Peter’s friends affect gameplay in some way, a storyline like this would be a great way to emphasize the significance of relationships to the player.

Black Cat
Part of what made Peter Parker’s life as interesting as his Spider persona was his constantly evolving love interests. The most complicated of those would be the Black Cat, whose attractions were limited to the adventurous Spider-Man, rather than the mild-mannered Parker. While she’s mostly known today as Spider-Man’s ally and confidant, she began as, and currently is, an adversary.

We know Mary Jane will be in the game in some capacity, but if there’s branching narratives with other women like Gwen Stacey, Betty Brant, or Debra Whitman, throwing in Black Cat and her obsession with Spider-Man would be a perfect way to explore the duality of the character.

The Punisher
One of the most well-recognized Marvel characters in his own right, Punisher first appeared in an issue of the Amazing Spider-Man. He’s well known for killing criminals in lieu of the failing justice system, which has often caused him to clash with heroes like Spider-Man.

That kind of complexity could challenge this version of Peter who, judging from his inability to throw bad guys off rooftops, has adopted a no-kill philosophy. He could begin as a would-be ally, but turn into an adversary as Peter discovers his twisted sense of justice.

The Jackal
Miles Warren, Peter’s former college professor, wrecked Spider-Man’s life in what was arguably the most sinister deed any of his villains have ever done: making him doubt his own existence in the infamous Clone Saga storyline. While the specifics of the Clone Saga are exceptionally complicated, it can be boiled down to the premise that a clone of Peter Parker is thrown into Spider-Man’s life (courtesy of the Jackal), and they must figure out which of them is real.

A similar shake-up where the player has to fight another Spider-Man could be interesting. Maybe Miles Morales is a clone, recreated using Peter’s DNA. Or we discover that Peter was the clone all along, and that Miles is the original. While not an exciting villain at face value, bringing in the story arc he was responsible for in a re-imagined way would be an exciting diversion near the end of the game.

After first appearing in the alternate universe of Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1, Augustus Roman became a part of the regular Marvel continuity following Secret Wars. In the universe of Renew Your Vows, Regent captured Marvel’s heroes and put them into stasis tanks. Once he had control over them, he could wield any of their abilities, which Regent used to take over the world. The plot was ultimately foiled by Spider-Man and his family in a climactic battle that would make the perfect final act of a video game.

While most of Spider-Man’s bad guys are street-level criminals, the final boss should be an epic, Avengers-level foe. Regent could behave similarly in the comics, capturing big-league heroes that Peter has to save. Or, Regent could capture all the villains Spider-Man has fought so far, and could fulfill the classic “the final boss has all the powers of the previous bosses combined” trope.

Either way, Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 should end with Peter proving himself as a first-rate hero. Give Spider-Man a personal arc over the course of the game, and cap off his growth by having him save the world from a massive threat.


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