Mewtwo Coming Soon To Pokémon Go, By Appointment Only

by Jeff Cork on Aug 14, 2017 at 09:45 AM

Niantic just wrapped up a special Pokémon Go event in Japan, where trainers could battle – and catch – the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo for the first time. Those of you who couldn't make it aren't going to be left out much longer, however. Players worldwide will soon be able to nab the elusive critter, but they'll have to prove their dedication first.

A new tier of battles, called exclusive raid battles, are rolling out to Pokémon Go in the coming weeks. These will be different from current raid battles, in that you'll need an invite to participate in these timed events. To get invited, players will have to have completed a traditional raid battle at a site where the exclusive raid battle will be scheduled. Niantic says invites will also include details on when the exclusive raid will be taking place, so trainers can best plan their attacks.

Mewtwo will be the first legendary Pokémon to appear in these new raids, but you can expect to see other legendary types rotating in over time.

In addition to the info on Mewtwo and exclusive raid battles, Niantic also says that the four previously released legendary Pokémon – Articuno, Moltres, Lugia, and Zapdos – will be in raid battles from today through August 31.

[Source: Niantic]


Our Take
Niantic is facing a challenge that all MMOs eventually have to contend with – balancing the needs of endgame players against low-level players who are just starting the game. I reinstalled it a few months ago, and it's clear that unless I dedicate my life to Pokémon Go, much of the game is now inaccessible to me. If you've stuck with Pokémon Go since release, exclusive raids may seem like a fun new twist. I just hope Niantic doesn't forget about casual players and younger fans, who either won't – or can't – make the regular hike to the nearest raid-battle location.