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New Details And Pictures For Star Wars: The Last Jedi Emerge

by Imran Khan on Aug 09, 2017 at 02:13 PM

Entertainment Weekly's cover story this month is all about The Last Jedi, episode eight of the venerable film franchise, and shares a few details ahead of the movie's December release.

First, we get our first look at the Porg, tiny little creatures native to Ahch-To, the planet where Luke Skywalker has been living. They resemble Totoros run through a Star Wars filter, but it is nice to see alien life in the series that isn't trying to kill everyone.

Next, we get a look at the Caretakers, also of Ahch-To. They rose from the ocean to maintain and protect the Jedi temple that Luke has been inhabiting. While they understand and tolerate that Luke is there, they are not necessarily happy with him being there.

Finally, we get a look at the Praetorian Guard, the red-armored guardians that prevent any harm befalling Supreme Leader Snoke. They invoke the same look as the Imperial Guards from the original Star Wars trilogy, the presumed badasses who never actually got in any fights. It looks like these guards are ready for a bit more action.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]