New Friday The 13th Patch Eliminates (Most) Team Killing

by Imran Khan on Aug 08, 2017 at 05:23 PM

Friday the 13th has kind of a big team killing problem.

The asynchronous multiplayer game is supposed to have fairly clear-cut goals: one person plays as Jason to kill the other team playing as counselors, who ideally just want to escape. Unfortunately, once counselors decide that killing each other is more fun, it really doesn't matter who is on what team because the game suddenly becomes only about that. This poses a problem for Friday the 13th developer IllFonic, which wants counselors to be able to accidentally kill each other, but was not prepared for the rash of people who want to do it on purpose to grief others.

After numerous complaints and a wave of social media posts detailing the ways this is ruining the game, IllFonic has decided that players can only kill each other with cars and traps. Counselors trying to whack each other with weapons are going to find that method is no longer effective.

We reported last week that Friday the 13th has been a sales success despite the dramatically poor and bug-filled launch. As IllFonic finally gets the game on its feet, the last thing it needs is player behavior making the game impossible to play even when it does work. The patch has no reported date, but IllFonic has said it is upcoming on the game's subreddit.

[Source: Friday the 13th Subreddit]


Our Take
The people who abused this will likely just find new ways to grief, so it is unfortunate that this may only be a short term fix. Changing the culture of an online game is extremely difficult, so we hope IllFonic manages to get Friday the 13th working the way they want.