Zapdos Released Into Pokémon Go

by Imran Khan on Aug 07, 2017 at 07:09 PM

The official Pokémon Go twitter account has announced that Zapdos, the legendary (and Legendary) bird Pokémon has been released into the wild. This means trainers can defeat it, capture it, or just gawk and take pictures, if you want.

After the diasastrous launch of Legendary Pokémon at Pokémon Go Fest last month, Niantic has been putting out fires left and right with the game, so here's hoping Zapdos is not the cause of any such fires. You can read about the festival's trials and tribulations here.

Sound off in the comments when you're able to see one. Heck, also sound off in the comments for how old you were when you realized the Uno, Dos, Tres naming scheme of the three Legendary birds.