Developers of Spelunky, Downwell, And More Team Up For New Game Compilation Project

by Imran Khan on Aug 07, 2017 at 03:59 PM

UFO 50 is a 50-game compilation of all-new 8-Bit titles by five different indie developers, with the intent to marry the NES-like aesthetic with modern game design sensibilities.

This is Spelunky developer Derek Yu's first project since that game's 2012 remake. For UFO 50, he is collaborating with Ojiro Fumuto (Downwell), Jon Perry (Time Barons), Eirik Suhrke (Skorpulac), and Paul Hubans (MADHOUSE) for fifty total games that Yu says are all around NES game sizes in length. The games are not mini- or micro-games, but full-fledged 8-Bit titles.

The game is intended for release on PC, though other platforms have yet to be determiend. No release window beyond 2018 was given at the time of announcement, but you can find screens of some of the games at the website and video in the announcement trailer below.


Our Take
Spelunky is one of the finest video games out there and all the creators involved in UFO 50 have made exceptional titles. It will be great to see what they come up with whenever this compilation comes out.