Bioware Montreal Merges With EA Motive

by Imran Khan on Jul 31, 2017 at 05:11 PM

The studio behind Mass Effect Andromeda, Bioware Montreal, is now tearing down its metaphorical walls and merging with EA Motive. The two studios share the same floor and office space, making a strange distinction as the two studios worked closely already.

EA Motive is a studio headed by Jade Raymond, the former Ubisoft producer best known for her work spearheading Assassin's Creed. She joined EA in 2015, forming Motive Studios, alongside an announcement that she will be responsible for a Star Wars game using EA's exclusive license for the mega-franchise.

Following Mass Effect Andromeda, rumors were abound that Bioware Montreal was being scaled down due to the game's middling critical reception. While EA has not commented on these rumors, the merging of Bioware Montreal with EA Motive seems to indicate that EA wants to combine their resources rather than let them operate independently of each other. 

[Source: TechRaptor]


Our Take
Considering they already shared office space, it is not surprising EA wants them to work together. If it has Star Wars in the title, EA is naturally going to prioritize it.