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Watch 300 Jedi Battle 60,000 Medieval Footsoldiers

by Craig Taylor on Jul 25, 2017 at 03:16 PM

Ever wonder who would win in a fight between 300 Jedi Knights and 60,000 medieval soldiers? Well, YouTube channel SergiuHellDragoonHQ used the game Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator to figure out that answer.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, which goes for $15.99 on Steam, is a sandbox simulation game where you can pit any two armies you can think of in an ultimate epic battle. Roman legionaries, WW II infantry, chickens...nothing is off the table. You can even play as one of the units to turn the tide of battle.

Granted, you'll need a pretty powerful rig to run something like this, which is probably what SerguiHellDragoonHQ used in order to create this cinematic marvel. Let's run through his preliminary tests before getting to the main event.

First, he pitted 50 footmen against one Jedi (given the green lightsaber, I'm guessing it's Kit Fisto). The Jedi won no contest.

Next, it was 100 Jedi against 5,000 soldiers. The Jedi carved through the footmen, without losing a single unit.

Upping the ante, SerguiHellDragoonHQ doubles the medieval warriors' manpower, giving them 10,000 units. This time, only one Jedi falls. Probably Yaddle.

After the next simulation adds 60,000 footsoldiers, the Jedi have finally met their match. The medieval soldiers surround the Jedi, slaughtering them faster than you can say "younglings." But once he bolsters the Jedi's ranks with 200 more units, we have a real interesting match on our hands. 300 Jedi versus 60,000 medieval soldiers. Who wins? I won't spoil it, so leave your predictions in the comments. And don't cheat.

The marquee match-up starts at 16:50. Keep in mind, the Jedi are obviously holding back, since none of them use their force powers. Or maybe their midichlorian count is just a little on the low side.