THQ Nordic Teases New And Returning IPs For Gamescom

by Imran Khan on Jul 25, 2017 at 10:44 AM

THQ Nordic, formerly Nordic Games, has revealed its lineup for August's Gamescom 2017 show. Among previously announced titles such as Joe Madueira's Battle Chasers: Night War and Bugbear's Wreckfest, THQ Nordic has also teased two new titles to be announced at Gamescom.

The first title, a new original IP, is an open-world RPG described as a "post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable."

The second title is the return of a mysterious and well-known horrific series for a new installment.

Formerly Nordic Games, THQ Nordic acquired a host of THQ's IPs in April 2013 when the American company began liquidating its assets after declaring bankruptcy. Nordic Games rebranded itself as THQ Nordic in 2016, having also acquired THQ's trademark in their bankruptcy auction. Since then, THQ Nordic has announced a new sequel to the Darksiders series, re-releases of Red Faction, and promises for more from THQ's stable of IP.

Our Take
The description of the new IP has a lot of buzzwords, but all of them sound extremely cool and we can't wait to see it. After looking through THQ Nordic's catalog of IPs, we have a few guesses about what the mystery game could be (Painkiller, Red Faction, etc.), but we'll know for sure come Gamescom.