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Weekend Warrior – The Game Informer Boy Band Has Its First Hit Single

by Douglas DeLong on Jul 21, 2017 at 07:00 PM

If you've been following Weekend Warrior, then you know that a couple weeks ago we started a boy band, The Persona 5. After long nights of arguing and practicing, we've finally found our niche: parodies of The Weeknd.

Today's release of Splatoon 2 gave us the inspiration for our first fire single, Squidboy. Make sure to check us out on SoundCloud, like, share, and subscribe.

"Every day a salmon try to test me, ah
 Every day a salmon try to end me, ah
 Swim off in my squid form quickly, ah
 Backpack overweight with them power eggs, ah...

 I'm a motherf***in' Squidboy"

Joe Juba (@Joejuba) – I know everyone else played it months ago, but I finally started Horizon Zero Dawn, and I'm going to keep moving through that this weekend. It combines my favorite parts of many great games; it's got a little bit of Metal Gear Solid V, Mass Effect, and Assassin's Creed going on. My only complaint is that the tasks are starting to feel a bit repetitive, so it might just be time to mainline the story and be done with it. 

Kyle Hilliard (@KyleMHilliard) – I have made my way through Splatoon’s single-player, but unsurprisingly the pre-release game didn’t have a lot of people playing online, so I look forward to getting into some matches. Otherwise it’s one of those cool let’s get the house clean weekends. I look forward to folding lots of shirts and towels. If anyone is free to babysit, I would also like to see The Big Sick, so let me know if you’re free.

Ben Hanson (@yozetty) – Oh man, the weekend?! This weekend I’m going to relax on a lake… but the debate is whether or not to buy Splatoon 2 to play while out there. It’s a tough call, but I might just stick with my playthrough of Pokemon Black and White. Have a good weekend!

Jared Koncsol (@JaredKoncsol) – This weekend, I'll be headed out to Applebee's as a part of the intern super-secret project. On Sunday, I'm going to my first Twins game since I've been here. I also just played the MGSV prologue last night and so I need to find out why flaming Deadpool riding a Rapidash just chased me and John Marston through a forest.

Craig Taylor (@CraigTaylor0805) – Funny story, so I decided to try out Lego Pirates of the Caribbean because it's free right now on Xbox Live, and the very first achievement you unlock is 12 gamerscore. And the complementing achievement to get it back to even is for collecting 888,888,888 studs. Very cute. So I'll be playing Lego Pirates against my will so I can restore order. I'll also probably try the Destiny 2 beta

Doug DeLong (@DeLongDoug) – I'm gonna keep on truckin' through my Steam backlog and play Old Man's Journey and Hyper Light Drifter this weekend. I'll also try to squeeze in some time to play What Remains of Edith Finch.