Day of Infamy Gets Free Dunkirk Content In Honor Of Christopher Nolan's Latest Film

by Matt Bertz on Jul 21, 2017 at 02:04 PM

Best known for its tactics focused shooter Insurgency, developer New World Interactive also created a WWII-based PC shooter called Day of Infamy. Today the studio announced a free Dunkirk DLC inspired by Christopher Nolan's latest film opening in American theaters today. 

The DLC pack includes a map of the Dunkirk evacuation as well as the Battle of Breville. “Our Dunkirk map offers a unique gameplay perspective by inverting the flow of battle so it ends on the beach instead of starting there,” creative director Andrew Spearin explained in a blog post.

For those unfamiliar with the battle, the Miracle at Dunkirk was the evacuation of Allied forces from mainland Europe after the Battle of France left many British, French, Belgian, and Canadian troops cut off from supply lines. With German bombers targeting the military watercrafts, many soldiers were escorted using fishing boats, yachts, and other civilian ships.


Our Take
Hitching their game to a major box office release from one of the world's preeminent directors is a smart move by New World Interactive.