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Fan Shows Horizon Zero Dawn Would Make A Great Lego Set

by Andrew Reiner on Jul 17, 2017 at 09:15 AM

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Lego builder Marcel V hasn't played Horizon Zero Dawn, stating he doesn't get "these kinds of games," but was inspired to build it by another Lego enthusiast.The set he dreamed up is based on the Newcastle Tyne Bridge section of the game, and shows Aloy facing off against a soon-to-be angered Watcher. The detail in the terrain is particularly impressive, as it provides a true sense of life, and also delivers angles we rarely see in official Lego sets.

The odds of Lego ever making a Horizon set are slim, but this little set shows this world is a great fit for it. Just imagine what a Thunderjaw would look like in brick form.

Marcel V's Flickr page is loaded with custom builds, including several based on Harry Potter and Star Wars. Give his work a visit and let him know what you think of his creations!