Beyond Good & Evil 2 Prototype Demo Focuses On Scale

by Jeff Cork on Jun 22, 2017 at 04:35 PM

Yesterday, Michel Ancel teased that a video of the Beyond Good & Evil 2 prototype would be available the next day. That would be today – and you'll never guess what popped up online! Check out the video for an early look at the game, which focuses on its impressive scale.

The video runs through the same demo we saw at E3 last week, but it's worth checking out. It stars the same monkey from the reveal trailer, though he's mercifully silent. Rather than focusing on the character's personality and the seedy world in which he lives, the demo highlights just how big the environments are. It starts with a look at the character's mothership, which houses a smaller individual ship. From there, we see a massive statue, and zoom out to get a better sense of just how massive it really is. Ancel pulls the camera back even further, showing off a nearby city, the continent it's on, and eventually the planet where everything we've seen takes place.

There's no real gameplay to speak of – the game itself is still extremely early in development – but Ancel points out that when it begins, players will be able to do things like deliver pizzas to earn money. While you're on a delivery, you can explore the ships you've been called to, potentially discovering things like slaves and human-trafficking operations in progress. The game takes place before Jade was born, but players will still have access to a camera and can take photos of these illicit activities to complete missions.

We'll have more on the game in the coming months. In the meantime, take a look at our feature, which recaps our impressions from seeing this demo live.