Microsoft Delivers Xbox One Avatar System For All

by Jared Koncsol on Jun 14, 2017 at 01:24 PM

Ever since the Xbox One release, it's felt like something integral has been missing from the console. With the recent Xbox One X announcement, Microsoft attempted to fill that hole with 4K, HDR, backwards compatibility, and all number of things, but they just haven't quite given consumers what they're really after... until now.

Avatar customizations are finally making their way onto the Xbox One. With an intense focus on the diversity of avatar options, Microsoft is introducing all-inclusive avatars. They are expanding the Xbox 360 collection of props, clothing, body types, and more to encompass as many individuals, and their preferences, as possible. The trailer depicts several instances of the breadth of specificity, such as the options for gender-neutral attire, disability accommodations, and even a pregnancy setting.

Check out the trailer below from The Verge.

[Source: The Verge]


Our Take
It's really phenomenal that Microsoft is taking steps toward the inclusion of all people, and while I see the potential for some individuals to abuse the update, I look instead at the people this is intended for and how it will benefit them. I, for one, am excited to be able to witness my avatar likeness with a pretty cool hat.