e3 2017

Mario Uses His Hat To Transform Into Objects And Enemies In Odyssey And It's Releasing In October

by Kyle Hilliard on Jun 13, 2017 at 11:25 AM

The final game of Nintendo's Spotlight event was an obvious inclusion: Super Mario Odyssey. Along with learning the game's release date, we also learned about some of its new mechanics.

The game's footage opened with a gigantic, realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex turning around to reveal it had a tiny Mario mustache and Mario hat on its head. It was then revealed that Mario was the T-rex, controlling it. A montage then revealed Mario throwing his hats at assorted objects and enemies like a moped, rocket ship, person, taxi, Bullet Bill, fish, and even a ball of electricity to turn into them. We also saw new levels, like a darker level that was reminiscent of The Nightmare Before Christmas and the option to change outfits. We saw Mario wearing his red, white, and blue striped overalls from Mario Golf, later popularized by Super Smash Bros., and other outfits.

We also saw Princess Peach wearing a wedding dress holding a bouquet of Petey Pirhanna flowers, while Bowser stood by in a fancy white tuxedo.

Nintendo also revealed Super Mario Odyssey's release date: October 27.