GTA Online's Massive Gunrunning Expansion Now Live

by Matt Bertz on Jun 13, 2017 at 11:44 AM

Grand Theft Auto Online continues to grow and evolve in unexpected ways. The latest major content drop, Gunrunning, adds an arsenal of military grade weaponry that will make the denizens of Los Santos more formidable than the militaries of many first-world countries. 

Gunrunning allows enterprising criminal organizations to expand into weapons trafficking, building a bunker as a base of operations. Once you've laid the groundwork for your biker gang or white collar crime organization, you can start researching and manufacturing military grade weaponry. The new toys coming to arsenals across San Andreas include night vision scopes, weaponized APCs, a mobile AA installation, and MK II weapon upgrades for most gun classes. 

Once your operation corners the black market and starts raking in the cash, you can expand to buy a mobile operations center that lets you set up anywhere in greater Los Santos.

In traditional GTA fashion, you can also look forward to new military-themed clothing, tattoos, and haircuts.

To read all the finer details about the Gunrunning expansion, head to the Rockstar Newswire, then head online to get a leg up on other fledgling arms dealers.