e3 2017

Expect 8 to 10 Weeks Between New Life Is Strange Episodes

by Joe Juba on Jun 13, 2017 at 06:24 PM

The original Life is Strange was a five-episode series that generally had a couple months between releases. You can expect a similar cadence for the prequel, Life is Strange: Before the Storm – plus an added bonus.

In an interview, lead writer Zak Garriss told us that players should expect about 8 to 10 weeks between the three episodes, with the hope being to land on the shorter side of that range. 

Deck Nine also revealed that those three episodes aren't exactly the end; players who buy the game's deluxe edition will get a bonus episode starring Max. Max was the main character of the first Life is Strange, though the bonus episode (which will be shorter than a normal episode) takes place when she is younger. A Square Enix PR representative couldn't confirm whether the deluxe edition will be the only way to obtain the bonus episode. 

The first episode of Before the Storm releases on August 31. For more about the game, check out the announcement trailer.