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e3 2017

Kratos Resurfaces In New God Of War

by Joe Juba on Jun 12, 2017 at 08:54 PM

At E3 2016, Sony left some jaws on the floor when it opened its showcase with a look at the brand-new God of War. While the game didn't open the 2017 event, we still got another look at Kratos' new adventure in a strange, new land.

The new material focuses on Kratos and his son, with the Spartan legend teaching the boy about what it means to be a warrior. A more subdued (and less shouting-prone) Kratos still mows through legions of bad guys, but he doesn't do it with his signature chain blades. Instead, an icy ax (that returns to him when thrown) is his weapon of choice, though we also see him using a shield and his bare hands to tear enemies – like humanoid beasts – apart.

In case you were afraid that the more intimate story and regular-sized enemies might mean that the signature scale of God of War has diminished, the footage concludes with a beast of epic proportions. Kratos and his son encounter the World Serpent, a massive and sinister-looking creature that would rival any of Kratos' previous foes. Then, the World Serpent says it wants to help.

What that means for Kratos and his journey remains to be seen, but we'll hopefully learn more before the game's release in early 2018.