Bandai Namco Announces Secrets Of The Maw DLC For Little Nightmares

by Douglas DeLong on Jun 08, 2017 at 05:30 PM

Bandai Namco announced today that Tarsier Studios' Little Nightmares will be getting its own DLC expansion pass, Secrets of the Maw. The DLC adds three new chapters, releasing in July, November, and January, that tell a parallel story to the events of Little Nightmares. 

In the new chapters you play as The Runaway Kid, another prisoner trying to escape The Maw. The July episode starts by taking you into the creepy sewers of The Depths, where you will encounter an insidious underwater threat.

You can check out our review of Little Nightmares here, watch us play the first 20 minutes here while talking about its parallels to Inside, and read our Afterwords interview with the developer here.


Our Take
Little Nightmares is a neat little game that has a well-crafted and unsettling atmosphere. The base game has been compared to Playdead's Inside, and the watery environment of this first episode certainly doesn't step away from that model. That's not a bad thing necessarily;  more adventures in Little Nightmares world are certainly welcome.