Lemmy Lives On In Motörhead-Themed Victor Vran Expansion

by Matt Bertz on Jun 07, 2017 at 03:12 PM

Victor Vran originally came out in 2015, but that version had nothing to do with thrash rock god Lemmy Kilmister. However, the new Overkill Edition lets you play as Lemmy, making it about a million times more badass. 

Developed by Haemimont Games, the expansion Motörhead: Through the Ages lets you cut through legions of monsters as the legendary frontman (who was also a roadie to guitar legend Jimmy Hendrix). The expansion features 13 Motörhead tracks uniquely mastered for the game, as well as many in-game items and abilities inspired by the band. 

"Lemmy was so excited about this game, and when he wasn't having the time of his life, he would always be sending new designs over to the game studio," guitarist Phil Campbell told Blabbermouth. "I'm delighted with the result, as I know Lemmy would have been, and for any Motörhead fan, this is another amazing way to connect with the band."

Here is the tracklist of featured songs: 

  1. ‘Motörhead – Motörhead, 1977
  2. ‘Overkill’ – Overkill, 1979
  3. ‘Stay Clean’ – Overkill, 1979
  4. ‘Bomber’- Bomber, 1979
  5. ‘Ace of Spades’- Ace of Spades, 1980
  6. ‘Jail Bait’ – Ace of Spades, 1980
  7. ‘Love Me Like a Reptile’ – Ace of Spades, 1980
  8. ‘We are the Road Crew’- Ace of Spades, 1980
  9. ‘Killed by Death’ – No Remorse, 1984
  10. ‘Iron Fist’ – Iron Fist, 1985
  11. ‘End of Time’ – Aftershock, 2013
  12. ‘Paralyzed’ – Aftershock, 2013
  13. ‘Queen of the Damned’ – Aftershock, 2013

This is not Lemmy's first appearance in video games. He also lent his voice and likeness for Double Fine's Brütal Legend. You can pick up the expansion PS4, Xbox One, or PC right now. Wired Productions has some interesting collector's editions you can check out here.