Return To Albion This July In The Fable Fortune CCG

by Matthew Kato on Jun 06, 2017 at 09:01 AM

The Fable franchise has died on the vine, but Flaming Fowl Studios and Mediatonic – featuring members of former Fable developer Lionhead – are keeping the spirit of Albion alive in Fable Fortune, a digital collectible card combat title. The Kickstarted game has just been given a release date of July 11 on Xbox One and PC.

The game features six heroes (each with their own sets of cards), PvP and co-op modes, and an alignment mechanic that not only shifts the heroes towards good or evil, but which alters their abilities as well.

At launch, Fable Fortune's Founder's Pack ($14.99) is required to play. It contains 20 packs, an exclusive Flaming Fowl trophy card, and a rare Giant Egg card (all told $40 of in-game items). The game will be free to play later in the year.