Friday The 13th: The Game Gets First Big Patch On Xbox One

by Suriel Vazquez on Jun 03, 2017 at 01:00 PM

One of our biggest complaints with the new Friday the 13th game was that on a technical level, it didn't work often enough to keep the thrills going. Servers have been very hit-or-miss with the game since launch, making it difficult to find a game consistently. There have also been glitches and exploits to contend with, which made playing the game itself that much harder. Thankfully, developer Gun Media has rolled out its first major patch for the game.

Each version seems to have its own specific bugs, which means different patch notes across systems. On Steam, the patch added a new random select option, lowers, the volume, and fixed various issues like Jason not being able to reach certain areas, certain animations not being interrupted when they should be, and hair stretching at lower frame rates. Unfortunately, the patch needed to be rolled back due to more technical issues. You can read the full patch notes here.

Taking to Facebook for the Xbox One version of the patch, Gun Media detailed what exactly it fixes. First up, the matchmaking. "Due to a high number of users we are switching to a more robust matchmaking / system that will support a high number of players," the developer says." Regarding the Xbox One version of the patch: "We are currently working with Microsoft and moving over to a new system that will help reduce matchmaking times to more than acceptable times. We will have more information on that soon." So hopefully, people won't drop from games as frequently going forward. The patch also makes a number of quality-of-life improvements to the game. It adds new cutscenes before and after each match, as well as when Tommy Jarvis spawns, fixes several voice, memory, performance, and crash issues, and fixes a number of specific bugs (such as counselors being able to move boats and cars around without getting in them).

Gun Media promises it's looking into fixing the Steam and PS4 versions of the game, though it did not offer specific dates, preferring instead to roll the updates out as soon as they were ready.


Our Take
Hopefully the new matchmaking system fixes a lot of the issues people have been having finding games and staying in them. And hopefully, it won't be too long before everyone who's bought the game can start enjoying it at its fullest.