Gears Of War 4 Rise Of The Horde Free DLC Delivers New Skills

by Matthew Kato on Jun 02, 2017 at 12:09 PM

Microsoft has announced free content for the shooter starting on June 6, including new skills for the classes, two new difficulty levels, five new wing levels, and much more. If you haven't played the game itself, you can also do so courtesy of a free trial starting next week.

The Rise of Horde free DLC raises the level cap from five to six, as well as including 15 new skills (three per class).

Examples include:

  • Flow (engineers) - You take less damage while repairing fortifications
  • Berserker (heavy) - Dish out more damage as your health gets lower
  • Cloak (scouts) - You are cloaked when remaining still behind cover
  • Steady Hand (sniper) - Less damage and camera shake while aiming or scoping
  • Siphon (soldier) - Enemies drop more power when killed by planted grenades

Rise of the Horde also includes horde skill loot drops by bosses at waves 30, 40, and 50; the Inconceivable and Ironman difficulty levels; 500G of new achievements; five new wing levels; and more.

Check out the official website for more info on Rise of the Horde as well as the game's June update, which includes the Rust Lung and Avalanche maps.

Microsoft has also announced a free trial offer (Xbox One and PC) for the title starting on June 9 through June 15. Curious gamers can play the title for 10 hours (including Horde and Versus modes). For more details, click the source link after the Rise of the Horde trailer.

[Source: Gears of War 4]