Exclusive First Look At Star Trek RPG’s Custom Dice

by Matt Miller on May 26, 2017 at 04:03 PM

Publisher Modiphius is currently hard at work on the new Star Trek Adventures RPG, a dedicated role-playing experience that will be the first official tabletop RPG for the franchise in over a decade. The team is currently rolling out a large playtest of the game in advance of a launch later this year.

Today Modiphius passed along a first look at the custom dice (designed by Q-Workshop) that will fuel gameplay. Whichever color is your preference (command red, operations gold, or sciences blue), you’ll get three twenty sided dice. The sets also include four custom six-sided dice whose faces tie together with the game mechanics, revealing either numbers, damage markers, or Starfleet insignias. Check out the different sets below.

Star Trek Adventures is aiming to open pre-orders for both the dice and the actual RPG on June 8 over at the game’s official page

Command Division

Operations Division

Sciences Division