Grasshopper Working On The Silver Case: 25th Ward Remaster

by Suriel Vazquez on May 20, 2017 at 01:45 PM

At this year's BitSummit gaming event in Japan, Grasshopper's Goichi Suda announced he'll continue to work on projects related to The Silver Case, the remaster of the development studio's first project. The first is the even more obscure sequel to the Silver Case, The 25th Ward, which is comprised of chapters following characters from the first game. Originally only released on Japanese cell phones, the game is one of Grasshopper's hardest-to-play titles, making this remaster welcome news. You can watch the stylish trailer for the game below.

Though no concrete word on whether the remaster was heading West was given, considering the official English Grasshopper account posted the news as well, our guess is it will come stateside as well.

Additionally, Suda announced the two additional chapters from The Silver Case remaster's PS4 version will be heading to the PC version on May 31.


Our Take
I'm excited to see more of Suda's older games come stateside. His recent titles haven't been doing it for me as much, and while his older work isn't as polished, there's a certain weirdness to them I can't get enough of.