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reader discussion

Reader Discussion – What Video Game Do You Want To See Made Into A Film?

by Ben Reeves on May 11, 2017 at 08:42 PM

Earlier today, Straight Up Films revealed that a Thief movie was in the works (as well as a new game). There have been a number of video game movies at this point, but few (if any) of them have been good. That doesn't mean that video game film adaptations can't be done well. What video game franchise would you like to see get the film treatment?

Maybe you're one of the many Halo fans still disappointed with the fact that that series has failed to make it to the silver screen. Or maybe you'd like to see Metal Gear Solid as a motion picture. Or maybe you're a Naughty Dog fan with high hopes for the Uncharted and Last of Us films.

But here's another idea. What if Hollywood just stopped trying to turn an interactive medium into a passive one? What's your preference? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.