[Update] Edmund McMillen Comments On Possibility Of A Binding Of Isaac Amiibo

by Kyle Hilliard on Apr 20, 2017 at 04:03 PM

Update: Edmund McMillen has responded to our query about whether or not this Isaac amiibo is happening with a cryptic reply:

"Stranger things have happened..." like Isaac being a launch title on a Nintendo console ;)

Make of that what you will!

(Original Story: April 19 at 7:48 Central) It is by no means a confirmation of its future existence, but Nicalis, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth's publisher recently shared a picture of an Isaac amiibo.

For his part, The Binding of Isaac's creator, Edmund McMillen, retweeted Nicalis' tweet and responded, "NEVER!" to a fan asking if a potential Isaac amiibo could make the game easier. We've reached out McMillen for more information and will update this story if and when we receive a reply.

[Source: @Nicalis]


Our Take
The Binding of Isaac is a game that has strangely tied itself to the Switch, even though it has been out for years on just every platform. Being basically a launch title when there is currently so little to play on Switch has put Nintendo's new console and Isaac in an exclusive club. If it does come to exist, I imagine it will be similar to the Shovel Knight amiibo, which Nintendo basically gave permission for, as opposed to manufacturing itself. I hope it does become a real thing. Like most of McMillen's work, it would be weird and unexpected!