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Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Releases Next Month

by Zak Wojnar on Apr 18, 2017 at 01:47 PM

A new game based on the movie Reservoir Dogs is coming out in May. Weird, right? What's even weirder is that it actually looks kind of awesome, like Hotline Miami with a unique time-rewind mechanic.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days takes the bank robbery plot of the classic Quentin Tarantino film and turns it into a top-down shooter, a la Hotline Miami, but with stylized 3D graphics in the vein of Team Fortress 2. Now, the curiously intriguing movie tie-in has a release date, revealed in a new cinematic trailer:

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days releases for Steam on May 18. For more on the game, check out GI's earlier coverage.


Our Take
In his coverage of the game, our own Javy Gwaltney called Bloody Days "a promising foundation for what could be a quality tie-in," and this stylish cinematic trailer reinforces that notion. Sure, none of the characters remotely resemble their movie counterparts, but if the gameplay proves to be solid enough to hold up after hours of play, then Bloody Days could prove to be the unexpected breakout hit of the summer.